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  • Plotting, planning and many cups of tea.September 9th, 2014

    A blog tour is a marvelous idea and I’m thrilled to be a part of this one. It also forces me to reveal my plans for a book which frankly, I might not have otherwise. Hooray to other creatives and how they make me better.



    What am I working on now?

    An illustrated guide to English teatime. I hope to answer, in a fun and semi-serious instructional way, all the questions I am so often asked by women of all ages about English Afternoon Tea. I’m also designing a new Lady Sippington website that fits the aesthetic of the upcoming book. I have also learned Calligraphy with Melissa Esplin’s online course and it has made my letters and invitations precious and special. It’s quite impossible now for me to write an envelope with a regular pen!

    Why do I write/illustrate what I do?

    I am an artist and graphic designer and my first instinct is to sketch out my ideas. I taught design for many years and learned the importance of  fun, illustrated visual aids. I also like to write because getting the language right really defines the tone of the book and also helps readers remember the techniques. “Right hand handle, left hand lid,” is something you can remember and recall easily. If the illustration that goes along with it is fixed in your mind too, so much the better.

    How does your writing/illustrating process work?

    It so happens that when I’m stuck on the writing I can draw something and vice versa, so I kind of see-saw my way to a nice solution.

    How does your work differ from other’s of it’s genre?

    The main difference is Lady Sippington herself. She’s actually a second character in this ‘story’ with her own voice, and having her tell you how to do something is a lot more entertaining, and less intimidating, than if I tell you. She also gives the work a sense of history. The book is less about “do’s and don’ts” and more about, “why?” and “why not?” I want to empower women not limit them. I want them to feel that they are benefiting from this knowledge not hindered by it. It’s not an etiquette book, per se, but more of a lifestyle book. Ultimately, it’s an instruction book as though Lady Sippington and I are there with you at your tea table.

    Next up on the tour is: Soon-to-be Author, Jackie Cartwright

    Jessica and I meet up regularly for tea and solidarity, so thanks to her for getting back on track. Do take a visit: Jessica Rao http://timeinsensitive.com/

    And, these are the rest of the creative bloggers in the tour.
    Susan Novich: www.susabean.com
    Nan Mutnick: http://nanyoga.com/
    Jackie Goldstein:http://tomorrowbeckons.wordpress.com/

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